Raymond Luckhurst

Software Engineer, Church Musician

Software Development


I have a broad range of experience in many sectors:

  • scripting – LAMP stack, major Web skills, Un*x shell scripts, automation, database, PDF generation, PostScript.
  • software – Windows/Mac based client-side GUI apps, UNIX server-side components, device drivers, embedded systems, middleware.
  • firmware – GSM, telecomms and telemetry low-level programming, microcontroller projects, microprocessing, hardware interfacing, serial packet protocols.
  • clientsUBS Bank – Back Office Risk Management GUI components; Sony BPE – Media Asset Management GUI, video transform drivers; B Sky B – SkyText Management Console GUI; Nortel – digital telephony automation scripting; NEC – GSM Lower Layer 1 & DSP interface firmware.

See my software résumé.

Piano and Organ


I am interested in performing solo and accompanying instrumentalists and singers. I have a broad repertoire of styles, mainly classical, and enjoy the challenge of learning new works.

I am also busily involved as a church musician under the artistic pseudonym Russell Lucas. The organ is a curious beast to master, with something of an anorak following, but can be very rewarding. For range of colour it is brilliant. For range of expression the piano wins hands down!

After six years as organist/DM at a church in Brixham, I shall soon be available for any evangelical church that requires an organist or musician in the Torbay area.

See my music résumé.